Remote controllable hand-held flamethrower
Remote controllable hand-held flamethrower
Remote controllable hand-held flamethrower
Remote controllable hand-held flamethrower
Remote controllable hand-held flamethrower
Remote controllable hand-held flamethrower

Remote controllable hand-held flamethrower

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Great balls of fire

Shooting fireballs isn’t just for wizards and video game plumbers anymore! The Pyro Mini Fireshooter lets you create real flames (seemingly) from thin air.

Strap on your Pyro Mini and fire away. The shooter’s dual barrels expel the flammable material inside with a dramatic fiery flash (and a pretty cool “woosh” sound). The flying flame isn’t large enough to make your audience feel in danger, but it’s more than enough to leave a lot of “oohs and aahs” in its wake.

Hot hand

Although it was designed for professional magicians, the Pyro Mini is easy enough for anyone to use. Start with the handheld firing mode while you’re getting used to the device, and switch to remote firing for more impressive illusions. Both the main device and the accompanying remote have on/off switches (with indicator lights) so you don’t risk accidental firings before you’re ready.

Once you’ve mastered your fiery feats, try using the burst fire. By holding down the trigger, you can fire both barrels simultaneously for a double-barrelled burn.

Wrist-mounted flamethrower!
Launch fireballs up to 10 feet!

Easy to load

To get the fire started, load the barrels of the Mini Pyro with small pieces of the included flash paper and flash cotton. These quick-burn materials are designed to provide a fast, impressive, and safe flame. The included plunger makes it easy to roll up and load these materials into the barrels of your shooter.

Once loaded, strap the Pyro to your wrist with the velcro strap. Then aim your Pyro (carefully), press the trigger, and fire!

Firing range

If you’re trying to present the illusion that you have mystical control over fire, you'll want to hide your button pressing from your audience. That’s why the Pyro Mini can be fired with a remote that’s even smaller than the flamethrowing device itself! The remote’s squeeze trigger lets you fire it easily no matter where you have to hide it.

If you want your fireball to come from a different part of the room, hide your Pyro ahead of time and use the remote to shoot an unexpected flame. You can even plug in the included antenna to increase your range up to 30 feet!

Fireballs with 30-foot range
Fire from up to 30 feet away!

Concealed carry

If you’re going to have something up your sleeve, make that something a fireball! The Pyro Mini is small enough to hide under your sleeve without arousing suspicion or causing discomfort.

The set includes small velcro straps to make your concealment as safe as possible. Stick the self-adhesive velcro straps to the device and line them up with the counterpart strap on the edge of your sleeve. Once secured, your clothing isn’t at risk to cover the barrels ensuring you can focus on the performance.

Wristband hides up a sleeveWristband hides up a sleeve
Detachable wristband hides up your sleeve.


Magic doesn’t run out of batteries, and the illusion of magic shouldn’t either. Pyro Mini charges via USB so you’ll never have to rifle through your junk drawer for replacement AAs before creating a memorable effect.

The set comes with a USB charging cable to charge the main device, although you’ll hardly need it; the device fires about 600 shots when fully charged. And with a red light that warns you when a charge is needed, you’ll never be unprepared.

USB rechargeable fire shooter
Includes USB charger.

Playing with fire

The Pyro Mini Fireshooter has everything you need to create memorable fire effects, including enough material for 120 shots, a detachable wristband, a squeeze trigger remote with antenna, a USB charging cable, and a loading rod.

In addition to these essentials, you also get a practice wristband that shields your skin during practice sessions, tweezers to help manipulate material in the barrels, and an arm strap that lets you hide your remote nearly anywhere.

Includes flash paper, flash cotton, remote, and wristband
Includes wrist strap, flash cotton, 10 sheets of flash paper, loader/cleaning rod, antenna, remote, and USB charger

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